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Caregiving Reality

A Mission to Help

Photo of Rundy by Robert O'Keefe

Rundy Purdy

CaregivingReality.com was founded in 2015 by Rundy Purdy with the vision to help caregivers through the reality of caregiving, and to educate communities, organizations, and businesses about the reality facing caregivers. Our mission is to provide hope, encouragement, enlightenment, and inspiration to individuals and audiences big and small.

About Our Founder

Rundy Purdy is an author and speaker. His caregiving experience started when he was twenty-four and began caring for his grandfather who was battling Alzheimer’s. Grandfather and grandson took a three year journey together to Alzheimer’s end. This is chronicled in Rundy’s book The Sea is Wide: A Memoir of Caregiving. Rundy cared for his grandmother who was ailing with heart disease for an additional five years. Those eight years of intensive, personal, caregiving gave Rundy a passion to help others by sharing his experience and encouraging everyone who faces the reality of caregiving.

Pursuing his goal to support caregivers and their communities, Rundy has traveled around the country and worked with the Alzheimer’s Association, local Area Agencies on Aging, and other organizations.

Through freely available writing, podcasts, videos, and additional resources, this website aims to offer encouragement and practical support to all who face the caregiving experience–whether in family, community, or personal life. We seek to build understanding in everyone surrounding the caregiving mission, both professional and personal, and bring comfort to caregivers with the knowledge that they are not alone.

Rundy is available for speaking events.

The material on this website is only the personal opinions and experiences of Rundy Purdy, and is not professional medical or legal advice. For medical or legal help use the services of certified professionals. See our full disclaimer.

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