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New Article: The Broken we Cannot Fix

Broken Things

Credit: Jenny Hudson

We like to think about happy things, but sometimes as caregivers we must face harder issues. Today I want to talk with you about the things we cannot fix, and why it is important to face those difficult situations.

When we become caregivers we become fixers. If you are caring for children you fix their problems of the day, big and small. Need help with shoes? Fix that. Scrapped your knee? Fix that. Food, comfort, health–as caregivers we seek to fix every problem that comes up, needs we can answer. It is the same if we are caring for an older sick loved one, except now the problems are often more serious–we are often dealing with potentially life threatening illnesses.

The life of a caregiver can be a very difficult, but rewarding. In what we do we fulfill real needs, resolve serious problems, and greatly improve the lives of others. Caregiving is important. Fixing the problems of those in our care is important. As caregivers we become very good at fixing those problems, and we want to fix every problem.

But we cannot fix every problem. There are some broken things we cannot fix, and that is important to remember […]

For the rest of the article go to: http://caregivingreality.com/articles/the-broken-we-cannot-fix/

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