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Carehood – Attempting to Support Caregivers

There is always something new in the caregiving world. This is a good thing. We have much to learn about caregiving and supporting caregivers. Recently a website called Carehood came to my attention. It looks like the name is a play off “neighborhood” except here you can find your “Care-hood.” Get it?

Okay, so they might not win an award for cleverness. But this is their idea:

CareHood is the place where caregivers go to learn what can help the people they love – and where their friends, family and community can pitch in and support them along their path.

As friends and family go through challenging times, whether because of serious health conditions, accidents or disasters, or normal but trying transitions in life, we know that their community will want to step in and help, but may not know how.

CareHood makes the process simple by recommending specific ways to help that are based on extensive research and consultation with medical professionals. Friends and family can build CarePackages that will make a real difference in the life of their loved ones.

In theory this is a great idea. (The general idea of helping is the same behind my own website here.) In practice, time will tell how successful this is in getting off the ground. I hope it is of help to some caregivers, and I hope people keep looking for inventive new ways to help caregivers.

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